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Million Scholarships Institutional Grants Awarded in 2015
Classes taught by faculty, not teaching assistants
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My time at HBU was a huge growth opportunity for me. I was really challenged. It was a season when I realized that this isn’t my parents’ faith or my church’s faith; it is mine.

Brandon Baca
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Listed at a bit less than 6-foot-1, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield could soon become one of the rare quarterbacks shorter than 6-2 to be selected in the first round of the NFL draft. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

If you follow the NFL draft process at all, you already know that Baker Mayfield’s height is one of the bigger knocks against the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback. But how tall of an order will it actually be for him to become an NFL starter?

Pro scouts generally are wary of quarterbacks shorter than 6-foot-2— Mayfield measured in at 6 feet 0.625 inchesat last month’s NFL Scouting Combine —yet what Mayfield is hoping to accomplish is not unprecedented. Still, it’s extremely rare to see a short quarterback becomethe first-round selection that Mayfield will almost certainly be when the draft kicks off on April 26.

How rare? In the last 30 years, NFL teams selected 69 quarterbacks in the first round. Only four were listed at 6-1 or shorter : UCLA’s Cade McNown (6-1, 1999), Virginia Tech’s Michael Vick (6-0, 2001), Florida’s Rex Grossman (6-1, 2003) and Texas AM’s Johnny Manziel (6-0, 2014).

Shorter quarterbacks don’t often get much love in the middle or later rounds, either. In the last decade, NFL teams selected 118 quarterbacks overall, only 10 of whom were 6-1 or shorter.

Quarterbacks shorter than 6-foot-2 whom NFL teams have drafted in the last 10 years.

So the former Oklahoma star is not going to be every pro club’s cup of tea, simply because a taller quarterback— perhaps someone like Wyoming’s Josh Allen, who measured in at 6-foot-4.875 at the combine — can see downfield more easily.

The rarity of this situation becomes even more glaring when you consider Mayfield’s style of play. Unlike former No. 1 overall pick Vick, 5-foot-11 Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson or even Manziel— whom some skeptics compare to Mayfield because of their occasionally similar bad behavior — Mayfield is not exactly a weapon as a runner. He’s slippery enough when flushed from the pocket, but nobody would confuse him with the aforementioned dual-threat stars.

That said, Mayfield’s pocket mobility is one of his assets. He has a gift for sensing pressure, escaping and resetting elsewhere before delivering an accurate pass. That ability to create new passing windows helped Mayfield in college, and it’s a skill that could come in handy against the bigger opposing defenders he will see in the pros.

The study was carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Research, Innovation and Academic Engagement Ethical Approval Panel, University of Salford with written informed consent from all subjects in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.

After completing the GASE scale, participants were randomly assigned to one of the adversity vignette conditions and completed the ARS-30 (personal or vicarious). Data collection was anonymous to improve the validity of responses. A median-split approach was used to create discrete groups according to scores on the GASE. Participants with scores equal to or below the GASE sample median of 148 were assigned to the lower ASE group, while participants scoring above the median were assigned to the higher ASE group. Whilst the median-split approach is criticized on the basis of loss of statistical power and the potential for spurious outcomes in cases of multiple variables ( MacCallum et al., 2002 ; Angara Dangling Round Opal and Diamond Halo Pendant scYAHrd
), the approach has received support in terms of producing meaningful findings that are understood by, and accessible to, a wider audience where statistical power and effect are not necessarily reduced ( Angara Three ProngSet Amethyst Stud Earrings in Platinum HagaF9S
). Thus, the use of dichotomization here is defended on the basis that correlational and regression analysis were also performed for the main analysis using GASE scores as a continuous variable; that the mean difference between groups (30.3) provided, it is suggested, sufficient numerical distance between groups; and the wish to illustrate, in a meaningful way, distinctions between groups in terms of specific responses to adversity.

Significant positive correlations between ASE and academic resilience were observed for the combined vignette groups (medium effect size r = 0.34, 7 For All Mankind Five And Two Camille Necklace In Silver xWi7W
) and for the personal (large effect size r = 0.51) and vicarious vignette groups (small effect size r = 0.21) separately. Academic self-efficacy was a significant predictor of academic resilience explaining 26.2% of variance in resilience in the personal vignette group, 4.6% in the vicarious vignette group, and 14% in the combined groups (see Table Majorica 812mm Nuage Simulated Pearl Necklace cGYxdMFGW


Table 3. Zero order correlations and regression analysis with academic self-efficacy (ASE) as a predictor of academic resilience .

A 2(vignette: personal vs. vicarious) × 2(ASE: lower vs. higher) between-subjects factorial ANOVA was conducted to examine differences in academic resilience between personal and vicarious vignette groups as a function of ASE (see Table 4 ).


Table 4. Mean academic resilience scores by vignette group and academic self-efficacy (ASE) Group .

There were significant main effects for vignette group [ F (1, 427) = 101.91, p < 0.001, d = 0.96], such that the vicarious vignette group reported significantly higher academic resilience ( M = 128.51, SD = 11.47) than the personal vignette group ( M = 116.25, SD = 14.07), and for ASE group [ F (1, 427) = 38.26, p < 0.001, d = 0.58], with the higher ASE group reporting significantly higher academic resilience ( M = 126.16, SD = 11.99) than the lower ASE group ( M = 118.20, SD = 15.20). A significant interaction effect [ F (2, 427) = 10.9, p < 0.001, d = 0.33] indicated that the influence of ASE on increasing academic resilience was significantly greater in the personal vignette group, where the effect size was large ( d = 0.86), than in the vicarious vignette group, where the effect size was small ( d = 0.30) (see Figure 1 ).

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